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Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 65

“My uncle’s secretary. I can’t tell her anything until I know for certain. She knows way more about this side of the business than I do. She was the one calling the cleaners.” “I’ll handle this” said Stretch as he walked to the door. “Not that way!” Pretty Little Thing said almost in a panic. “Relax” I said. “He may be gay, but when he wants to he can charm the pants off any woman. He will buy you a few days. After that you are on your own.” Stretch didn’t close the door all the way. Pretty Little Thing quickly got up behind it so she could hear. “Hello Rachel” opened Stretch in his charmer voice. You know. As much as these guys do with their voices, I can… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 64

More clicking. “Can you hand me the files she had with her?” she asked the room. Giant carried them over and she quickly thumbed through them. This was followed by more clicks. “My God” she said. “Didn’t she even look at his history? Over the years five members of HR have been retired because of that watch.” We were all a bit shocked. Not because of the retirements. Those were the stuff of legend. She’s right. Only a fool would have walked that road again. What shocked us was seeing Pretty Little Thing transform from babe in the woods to operations commander before her uncle had fully expired. There was still a small bit of gasp and gurgle going on. “I wish you hadn’t cut his throat” she said looking… Read more >

Winter isn’t coming . . . when you work for a publisher

I have always said, after having put out my first two books via a traditional publisher that I would never do it again. While George may be richer than I, he is learning what it is like to have a hating fan base. Many years ago, when LinkedIn had the possibility of becoming something there was a writer’s group I belonged to. Today LinkedIn is completely irrelevant. No actual professional goes there, writer, IT geek, profession doesn’t matter, professionals don’t go there. Many have profiles which have not been updated in years because the profiles were created almost a decade ago when there was a possibility LinkedIn might become useful. Now it is just a place for the world’s most useless creatures to collect. At any rate, I and others… Read more >

Twenty of Two – The Infamous They – Pt. 63

“Yes!” barked the angry old man “And he was supposed to finish you off after the last job.” Thank God for Henry’s unnatural fetish involving morbidly obese women. He probably figured he could have his trophy bass and finish me off at lunch. Henry wouldn’t be retired for not finishing me. “Who knows, maybe he already has” came my reflex response. “I’ve had the cod fish, but am not familiar enough with the rest of the poisons to know what others I have ingested.” “Doesn’t matter” spat the angry old man. “The cleaners will be here shortly. Acrobats do you job!” he shouted. I had three blades and no real chance against The Acrobats in a confined space, or any space for that matter. God, fate, whatever you choose to… Read more >

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